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Pack a travel insurance that really has your back. TravelEasy covers adventurous activities you love, and protects you and your family with over 50 benefits.

Overseas Medical & Hospitalisation Expenses
In addition to $1 million cover for overseas medical expenses *, we pay out a daily benefit for each day of overseas hospitalisation in an intensive care unit (ICU).

Haze Cover
We protect you from any haze-related flight delays, disruptions, cancellations and postponement.

Terrorism Cover
We cover for losses you suffer due to an unexpected terrorism event while overseas. Cover excludes acts of terrorism using nuclear, chemical and biological weapons or substances.

Unused Entertainment Ticket Cover
Any pre-paid unused entertainment tickets to theme parks, performances, concerts and sports events are reimbursed if they are not used due to death, injury or illness. 

Golfer’s Cover
If you are hitting the green during your trip, we take care of the celebratory drinks when you score a hole-in-one.

*Cover and limits based on Premier Plan

Simple to Buy
Getting travel insurance has never been easier! Buy online and receive your e-policy instantly.

24/7 Helpline
Our emergency hotline ensures there is always someone to connect you to medical care and evacuation, no matter which timezone you are in.

Claims Made Easy
Save time by submitting your travel insurance claim online! We keep our process as simple as possible to bring your claim to a fair settlement.


*The limits under adult & children/family cover are subject to individual cover limits for each insured person.

**Public transportation excludes a rented vehicle, vehicle on hire, tour coach or any mode of transportation chartered or arranged for the tour.


  1. Adult (Individual) means a person age 18 years and above at the commencement of any trip.
  2. Child means a person who is aged above one month and below 18 years or up to 23 years of age if studying full time in a recognised institution of higher learning at the commencement of any trip.
  3. Adult & children means an adult travelling together with his or her biological or legally adopted children on the same journey for single trip travel.
  4. Family
    1. a) Under single trip plan means:
      1. i) Insured and his/her spouse or
      2. ii) Insured and his/her spouse and their biological or legally adopted children travelling together on the same journey.
    1. b) Under annual plan means:
      1. i) Insured and his/her spouse or
      2. ii) Insured and his/her spouse and their biological or legally adopted children.
  5. Insured persons covered under annual plan for Adult & children/ Family covers need not travel together but any child under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian during the trip. The total number of insured persons covered under Adult & children/ Family cover shall not exceed 7.

    1. Child under the age of 12 years not travelling under the Adult & children/Family cover must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian during the trip.
    2. Adults aged 70 years and above are eligible for single trip cover for all plans. They are not eligible for annual policies. However, if an annual policy was effected before aged 70, renewal is granted up to 80 years for the Standard Plan only.
    3. Cover must be effected before departure from Singapore. All trips must start and end in Singapore. The maximum length of cover is 182 consecutive days for single trip and, 90 consecutive days per trip for unlimited numbers of trips under annual plan.
    4. Pre-existing medical conditions requiring treatment or consultation during the 12 months prior to the trip commencement are not covered.
    5. Travel must commence no later than 182 days from the date of application for single trip plans.
    6. All insured persons must be residing in Singapore.

    This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please visit MSIG, GIA or SDIC.


Group Cover

Covers 2 to 20 insured persons travelling together as a group on the same journey and covered on the same single trip plan, provided the applicant is travelling with the group. Children are covered on child benefits only. Group cover for 6 persons or more is available to the Standard and Elite plans, single trip plans only. Group discount applies to group of 6 persons or more - refer table below.

Fax 6827 2708 or Email the completed TravelEasy Group Application Form to us.

Overall compensation limit

The total limit for all persons travelling in one aircraft or surface transport vehicle or vessel is limited to $15,000,000. If the total claim for all persons exceeds $15,000,000, we will pay each person a percentage of the benefit due for that person.

The total limit for Terrorism cover for all persons is $5,000,000 per event regardless of the mode of transport. If the total claim exceeds $5,000,000, we will pay each person a percentage of the benefit due for that person.


1. When does the cover commence and end for each trip?

Cover starts from the time you leave your home or workplace in Singapore to begin the trip abroad and ends 3 hours after your return to Singapore or on the expiry of your travel insurance, whichever is sooner.

2. Can foreigners purchase travel insurance?

Foreigners holding an employment pass or work permit and living in Singapore can apply so long as it is for a round trip commencing and returning to Singapore within the period of insurance.

3. Can a person aged 70 years and above buy single trip or annual plan? 

Single Trip - Yes, all plans;

Annual Plan - No. However, if purchase of any annual plan is made before the age of 70, renewal is granted for the Standard Plan only. The policy is renewable up to age 80.

4. Are there any country excluded from cover?

All countries are covered unless expressly excluded.

5. Can I extend the period of cover if I decide to extend my trip whilst overseas?

Extension of period of cover is permitted midway during travel and applied during the period of insurance provided there are no known circumstances or events likely to lead to a claim, subject to a minimum premium of $10. You can call MSIG Assist 24-hour hotline to request for the period extension.

6. If I decide not to proceed with my trip, can I recover the premium paid for my TravelEasy policy?

You will be entitled to a refund of premium provided there is no claim under the policy and travel has not commenced. The refund premium allowed shall be the balance after taking into account the minimum retained premium of $50. If your policy premium is $50 and below, there is no refund.

7. What is the enhancement made to the "Child education grant" benefit?

The definition of child under this benefit has been expanded to cover your biological or legally adopted children aged above 1 month and below 18 years, or up to 23 years if studying full-time in a recognised institution of higher learning. This is an enhancement as the conditions of "school-going" and age of "above 6 years" no longer apply.

8. If I did not seek medical treatment for an injury or illness during my overseas travel, can l recover medical expenses incurred in Singapore after my return to Singapore?

Yes, provided it is not a pre-existing condition and the injury or illness occurred during the overseas travel. Medical treatment must be sought within 72 hours after your return to Singapore and incurred within 60 days from the date you return to Singapore.

9. What do you mean by public transport under the public transport double cover?

Public transport means licensed and paid scheduled service open to the public including licensed taxi service but not a rented vehicle, vehicle on hire, tour coach or any mode of transportation chartered or arranged for the tour.

10. Can I get TravelEasy for my child who is joining an exchange program or a school trip?

Yes, if your child is below 12 years old, there is an accompanying parent or adult guardian who is a school teacher, volunteer or representative of the event organizer.

11. Are there any differences between family cover and group cover?

The differences between family cover and group cover are:

Family cover

Covers the insured, his/her legal spouse and any number of their legal children travelling as a family of up to 7 persons. Under a family annual policy, the insured persons need not travel together on a trip. A child under the age of 12 years however must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for any journey. Benefits and coverage limits for adult and child vary; please refer to the benefit table for details.

Group cover

Covers 2 to 20 individuals travelling on the same journey and on the same plan for single trip only. Group discount applies to groups of 6 persons or more and applies to single trip plans of the Standard and Elite plans only.

12. Does TravelEasy cover if the travel agency goes bankrupt?

We will cover all irrecoverable costs up to the plan limit if your NATAS licensed travel agency becomes insolvent provided that the insurance is bought at least 3 days before the departure date and the insolvency is not already known to the public when you make the trip booking and insurance purchases, whichever date occurs later. 

13. If I postpone my trip due to a natural disaster at my travel destination but decide to cancel my trip subsequently, how do I make a claim under this situation?

The insurance covers both situations of postponement and cancellation of the trip. You can however, claim for either one of the benefit but not for both, if the claim is due to a same occurrence.

14. Does the group discount apply if there is a promotional discount offered? If so, how does it work?

Yes. The group discount is applied on the net premium after the promotional discount. This is how the discount tiers work:

Total Premium

 $450 ($30 X 15 persons)

Promotion discount e.g. 20%


Net premium


Group discount - 15%


Net total premium





MSIG TravelEasy
Explore and save more 2-gether!

Whether you are travelling solo or holidaying with your best buddy or family, enjoy 45% discount off Single Trip cover. Gather your group of 6 or more travellers and save an additional 10% Group Cover discount. With 52 benefits protecting you and your group, exploring the world together gets even more fun and exciting!

Promotion ends on 30 Sep 2017

Call our Customer Service Officers at 6827 2548 (Mon to Fri, 8:45am - 5:30pm) or email us for enquiries.

Promotion terms and conditions apply.

Minimum premium after discount is $25.

^Group Cover is available to 2 or more persons, and up to 20 persons. Group Cover discount applies to groups of 6-20 persons for the Standard & Elite Plans, Single Trip only. All Insured Persons must travel together and return on the same trip and covered on the same plan.

This promotion is not valid with any on-going or existing travel insurance promotions, discounts, offers, vouchers, rebates or privileges.

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