21 Sep 2018

6 Affordable Things You Should Get For Your Brand New Car




So you have just bought your new car and upgraded the sound system as well as the headlights to those cool LED ones. Take a moment to enjoy the beauty of it, a new car is always super exciting!

But before taking it for a spin, it never hurts to check if your car is really prepared for everything. Here is a list of 6 affordable things to get you ready for anything while driving!




Sun shades, estimated cost: $30

Living in sunny Singapore means that we inevitably will have to park under the hot sun every once in a while. Coming back from a lunch at your favorite hawker to a baking hot car ruins the experience of that delicious plate of char kway teow doesn’t it?

Not to mention those horror stories of plastic melting in an overheated car. Or the scalding heat of an afternoon steering wheel, yikes!

Fortunately, sun shades are now a common accessory for most cars and can be bought easily online from many sellers. They are now even custom-made to the specific model of your car, so that they fit snugly to block out more sun! The modern sunshades are also easy to keep (they fold into compact sizes, for easy storage) and easy to put up (the custom-fit ensures that there is no need for those old-school suction cups). Definitely worth an investment in our books!

Towel, estimated cost: $5

A towel, [The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy] says, is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.” And actually, it is really useful for drivers too!

On drives, sometimes drinks spill and a quick clean-up is required to minimise the damage done to your car. Just quickly throw a towel on it! It is more eco-friendly and cost-efficient than using tissues, plus it will not leave behind those tissue specks that seem impossible to get rid of.

It is also useful for drying up, should you get caught in the rain. And we all know how unpredictable Singapore weather can be! Hot as fire for one second and monsoons the next. Towel up for the unpredictable journey!

Wet wipes, estimated cost: $2

Ever wonder why mothers always seem to have wet wipes with them all the time? It is because they know that this versatile little miracle is great in so many ways. It is truly a must-have in every car!

Got yourself in a sticky situation? Wet wipes are there to save the day. Perhaps you might be getting a little sweaty from driving in the hot sun? Freshen up with a wet wipe! Touch wood, but maybe a bird has chosen to use your car as target practice. Clean up that unpleasant mess with a wet wipe quickly before it damages your paint. You can use wet wipes for absolutely anything and you will find yourself reaching for it more often than you think.

Plastic bag, estimated cost: Free!

Ah, the humble plastic bag is the saviour for so many situations. The next time you are getting a drink at the petrol station, keep the plastic bag in your glove compartment and you will be glad for doing so!

Now that you are the owner of a beautiful new car, it is a given that you might be driving some friends home. If you are driving someone who gets carsick (or drunken friends), then it is important to make sure that they get sick in the right place. Clean-up fee is far more costly than you would imagine!

Sometimes, your shoes may get dirty from stepping in something unpleasant such as mud. Nobody likes riding in a muddy car, so keep your car clean by storing your dirty shoes in plastic bags!

And of course, passengers seem to always have some trash to dispose of. Instead of making them hold it or worse, have them litter by throwing it out the window, why not collect it in a plastic bag and deal with it after your drive?

Seat belt cutter, estimated cost: $24

A mindful and considerate driver might already have the rest of the items on our list, but a seat belt cutter is a potential lifesaver that is missing from most cars.

In a car accident, it is possible that the seat belt locking mechanism might jam, trapping the passenger in their seat. This is especially dangerous when the car is submerged or if the engine is on fire. A seat belt cutter helps you escape from your car in these situations.

Most cutters even have curved blades to minimise risk to the person using it. This small investment could potentially save your life, so do look into owning one!

A comprehensive car insurance like MSIG's UMax, estimated cost: depends!

All drivers know the importance of having motor insurance. However, does your car insurance reward you for being a good driver? MSIG’s UMax does!

UMax is the first car insurance in Singapore to reward good driving behaviours through a telematics device. The telematics device will assign you a score based on driving events such as excessive acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking, time of day and distance driven. Green drivers are the best, while red drivers need some improvement.

If you know you are a safe driver, then UMax is a great way for you to save on your premiums as well as your Excess. You stand to enjoy 100% waiver of Excess by being a driver in the Green category!

UMax is also available in 2 plans, giving you the flexibility for your insurance cover. You can visit the MSIG website to compare plans and choose one that suits your specific driving needs.

Are you prepared to drive safe and save?

Find out more about UMax here.