25 Oct 2018

Are you really a good driver?




We may all think we drive well, but are you really as good a driver as you think you are? What defines a good driver anyway? Let’s explore some habits of good drivers.




Patience is gold

We know heavy traffic, other inconsiderate drivers and even our hot weather can test our patience while driving on a daily basis. But being impatient can lead to aggressive driving, speeding, hard acceleration, making bad decisions and ultimately accidents.

Remain calm and try not to react when confronted with other drivers’ bad behaviors or unpleasant traffic conditions. This way, you are in control of your performance on the road, which makes you a better driver.

When you feel yourself losing your patience, try putting on some music you enjoy or even snacking a little. We all know a hungry driver is an angry driver.

Anticipate obstacles

You may have heard of the term before, but a driver who is able to anticipate obstacles practices “defensive driving”. And defensive drivers are good drivers! A defensive driver is able to analyze the situation around them constantly and adapt to any sudden changes that come their way.

One simple trick is to change your focus from short, to medium then to long distances so that you are able to see clearly what is happening around you and to anticipate an accident before it happens. This way, you will also know when you are supposed to make your next turn and to slow down when a sudden obstacle appears. This prevents sharp or wide turning as well as sudden braking, both are behaviours of a bad driver!

You can also use a map app such as Waze (which relies on the local community of drivers for information) so that you can anticipate traffic jams and accident areas. Google Maps is another great option, as it shows you the traffic conditions of your route in real time! These apps even come with parking information, so finding a carpark is easier.

Know your stuff

It is important to know the rules of the road so that you are able to drive efficiently and safely. For example, it is dangerous to allow someone else to go first when you have the right of way. You may cause the other driver undue anxiety and frustration, even when you think you are being courteous by letting them go first.

Knowing Singapore’s roads well will also help you drive more smoothly and confidently, which reduces bad behaviors such as sudden lane-changing and sudden slowing-down just to make that expressway exit.

Need a reminder on the rules? Why not go for the Motor Car Refresher Course offered by the Singapore Safety Driving Centre? Better to be safe than sorry!

Be considerate

The best drivers are usually also the most considerate. Signaling early, allowing others to merge into your lane and following speed limits all help to create a safer drive for both yourself and others.

Being considerate dramatically reduces your chances of being in an accident. Plus, it also contributes to a more pleasant ride for your passengers! Nobody likes being in the car with a grumpy and aggressive driver.

Why should i be a good driver?

Sometimes, it may seem that being a good driver brings no benefit to you, especially when there are other not-as-good drivers on the roads waiting to take advantage of you. But, you would be wrong; good drivers statistically get into significantly lesser accidents! The 5 leading causes of accidents in Singapore are distracted driving, reckless driving, failure to give way, careless changing of lanes and disobeying traffic light signals, all of which are classic bad driving behaviours.

Being a good driver also gets you rewarded. Yes, you heard it right! MSIG’s UMax motor insurance plan actually rewards you for being a safe driver.

With UMax, your good driving behavior could let you enjoy up to 100% waiver of Excess in the event of an accident. You even stand to save on your premiums for being a safe driver!

Want to get rewarded for driving well? Find out more here.