28 Sep 2018

Top 5 New Home Must-Haves To Start Your 2019!





Are you getting ready for your new home in 2019? Congratulations! You have the unique opportunity to create the trendiest home, just in time for the new year.

Every year brings with it new home trends. But deciding which one is a passing fad and which ones will last is a tricky room to navigate. From smart home devices to the most aesthetic colour of the moment, it all seems a bit too much to handle. Fret not! We have compiled a guide to your new home must-haves for 2019.





Curves are back in! While the past few years has been about minimalism and clean lines, 2019 is all about soft curves and the homely feel it gives every room. Curves are also scientifically proven to activate the emotional centers of your brain, making curved lines more attractive and beautiful to the eye. What this means is your home will simply look more comfortable which in turn helps your brain relax.

That does not mean you have to go all out and get curvy sofas though! A simple way to embrace curves is by arranging the seating of your room in a more rounded manner to provide a bit of cosiness.

You can also add curved accents such as round mirrors and circular side tables to warm up and add visual interest to your rooms.


A latest Instagram trend, house plants are making a comeback as home décor inspiration.

And why not?  Plants bring much-needed life to every home and have the added benefit of improving air quality. Stylish and healthy!

Don’t really have a green thumb? Try adding a Snake Plant, also known as “mother-in-law’s tongue”, to your home. It removes toxins and odours from the air. Best of all, it needs only moderate to low indirect light, is unbelievably hardy and converts carbon dioxide into oxygen at night! Other common houseplants mostly only do this during the day.

Earthy Colours

Everyone is going au naturale in 2019. Green as well as earth tones are the colours of the moment!

Perhaps it has something to do with our urban lifestyle but natural colours provide a much needed respite in the sanctuary of your home. Green is also known to be calming for your eyes, so your peepers get some much-needed rest at the end of a long day staring at computer screens.

The hippest colours even sound natural! Expect to see sage green, mustard, apricot and clay as some of the colours that take centre stage next year.

Smarter homes

Whether you are saying Hey Siri, or Alexa, or OK Google, you cannot deny how awesome it is to feel like Tony Stark and voice command your home with a personal home assistant. Ever wanted a song to play whenever you enter a room? You can now make it a reality with a smart home assistant. Imagine your own walk-in music, now that’s cool!

You can control your lights, air-conditioning, television, timer and even your washing machine with a personal home assistant. Once you start having absolute control over everything in your home, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. There is no other way to live than to live in the future.

Set-up is pretty simple and usually requires a wi-fi connection. Depending on the mobile device that you prefer, you should then be able to narrow down the home assistant that suits you best. There are plenty of reviews online to help you compare the different home assistants, so do some research before settling on one. Think of it as interviewing different helpers for your home!

True peace of mind

At the end of the day, your home is somewhere for you to relax your mind and just let your worries go away. All the cool accoutrements do not matter if you cannot feel at ease in your own home. This is why peace of mind is our top home must-have for 2019!

Naturally, when talking about homes, true peace of mind comes with having an adequate home insurance policy. You may think that you are protected with a standard home insurance policy, but did you know there are some things that are not covered by most home insurance policies?

These include:

Frozen food spoiling

Fraudulent or dishonest domestic helpers

Harm to domestic pet

Cost of temporary protection/ hoarding (which you will need to pay for to hoard up your home, in the event of a fire)

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Are you ready to welcome your new home with peace of mind?

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