5 Minutes with... Jason Sim

Tips and advice on motor insurance claims

03 Nov 2016

Jason Sim, Assistant Manager, Claims Services, shares the weirdest claim he has come across plus tips and advice on motor insurance claims.

5 Minutes with... Jason Sim

Hi Jason, tell us what exactly do you do?
My job is to investigate and negotiate settlement on injury claims that exceed $50,000 in general damages. I review claim files including monitoring of recoveries, setting of reserves and supervise and approve claims up to to a certain authorised limit. I also investigate suspicious cases of motor claims.

What are the 3 most common motor claims you've encountered?
Our most common ones include whiplash injury claims, property claims involving chain collision and own damage claim (head to rear collision).

What is the weirdest motor claim you have processed?
A third party claimant submitted a medical claim for his dog, which he alleged was injured due to the impact from the accident. Medical reports and an ultrasound scan showed no physical trauma sustained but did show a problem with the dog's abdomen. The vet confirmed that the mass in the dog's abdomen was pre-existing which unfortunately, led to the dog's death later on. In spite of the findings, the claimant insisted MSIG to pay him for a new dog. While we understand his grief of losing a beloved pet, we had to maintain our ground and deny the claim as the dog's illness is not related to the motor accident.

What did you do then?
We requested for evidence such as medical reports and sought clarification from the vet on the cause of the dog's illness. We also had to seek independent legal advice before we rejected the claim.

What are some challenges you encounter in your job?
Sometimes, we get customers who insist that we do not penalise their No-Claim Discount despite them being fully or largely at fault. There are also claimants who are not truthful in e-filing their reports and only retract their statements when video footage of the accident is uncovered and shown. This creates unnecessary costs in investigating, negotiating and defending a case.

How can a claimant help to make his request go along more smoothly?
A claim can be processed more effectively if the claimant is able to submit evidences such as video footage, independent witness statement and police investigation results.

Is there something motorists do not know that they could claim?
These days, motorists and claimants are very well educated and informed about motor insurance claims. They know that they can submit a property or injury claim against the party at fault in the accident. However, many motorists are unaware that they can also submit their personal accident and medical expenses up to a certain limit against their own motor insurance policy if their policy has a comprehensive coverage.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I enjoy being able to help our customers settle all of their claims promptly, fairly and reasonably.