Empowering Employees To Do More

23 May 2017

Alice Rodricks

Since the first day she joined MSIG some 40 years ago, Alice Rodricks has seen the company grow from strength to strength, having undergone several mergers and acquisitions over the years. The Assistant Vice President looks after the MSIG portfolio that is sold through bank partners.

While constantly facing challenges in terms of market competition, pricing and delivering strong business results, Alice is confident that MSIG has what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

“MSIG has a good vision, and we’re always looking at more ways to grow our business through new product lines and investing in our people. It’s wonderful that people are taking up leadership positions, and I fully endorse our talent management efforts like the Career Discovery Programme.” 

“Our management team also takes a consultative approach to overcome challenges. They engage employees regularly and empower us with more resources to tackle the market head-on,” she says.