Haze Insurance Coverage: MSIG replies, The Straits Times Forum, 7 Jan 2016

07 Jan 2016

MSIG's travel insurance policies have more than 50 sections which provide very wide cover. 

Not all of these sections are affected by the haze ("Travel plans hit by haze? Some insurers won't accept claims"; Monday, "Enough reasons for haze to be covered by insurance" by Mr Chan Teck Chye; Tuesday and "Haze may be man-made, but wind isn't" by Mr Lum Phui Yuen; yesterday).

An example of this is the medical expenses section. If a policyholder falls ill because of the haze, MSIG would meet the claim, subject to the usual terms and conditions. 

MSIG operates to high ethical standards and has always endeavoured to handle its customers fairly, promptly and reasonably. 

We hear the concerns raised about the haze cover and we assure the public that MSIG will be reviewing the travel inconvenience sections and extend them where possible. 

John Brice
Senior Vice-President
Underwriting, Health and Corporate Communications