Meet the Siblings in MSIG

08 Apr 2017

Siblings are nature’s gift to us. We share countless memorable moments with our siblings throughout our lives. For these two sets of siblings, they also share the same employer. We asked sisters, Doris and Josephine Chiu, and siblings, Hasif and Nabilah Rasol, what it is like working together in MSIG.


The Chiu Sisters

The Chiu Sisters

Sisters, Doris Chiu (Direct/ Japanese Department) and Josephine Chiu (Reinsurance Department) have been working together in MSIG for over a decade.

Who was the first to join MSIG?

Josephine (Jo): Doris joined MSIG 23 years before I did. I first saw the job opening through a press advertisement and only applied for it formally after Doris said that MSIG is open to having siblings working together in the company. Besides, the position I applied for was in a different department.


What is it like working in the same company?

Doris: We keep work and personal issues separate. However, we meet and spend more time together as a result of working in the same company.

Jo: I feel that working together makes it easier and more convenient for us to see each other. Occasionally, we would catch up over lunch and talk about various things including work-related issues.


What is one advantage of working in the same organisation as your sibling?

Doris: We get to see each other more.

Jo: We also get to share work-related issues, which both of us can understand.


What is one challenge about working in the same organisation as your sibling?

Jo: Comparison. I have heard people comparing the two of us.

Doris: Yes, that is true and sometimes, we wonder if what was said is true.


How different is your sister at work compared to at home?

Jo: I think we are both very serious at work but can be very fun outside of work.

Doris: Yes, fun and lovable especially Josephine.


How different are the both of you?

Jo: Doris is the quiet one.

Doris: And Josephine is the chattier one.


Do you have a message for your sister?

Doris: Love you, my dear sister. Keep it up and let’s “chiong” (work hard) together in MSIG!

Jo: Love you too, my dear sister. Let’s “chiong” together in MSIG!


The Rasol Siblings

The Rasol Siblings

Coincidentally, both Hasif (Branding/Corporate Communications) and Nabilah (Claims Services) started out in MSIG as temporary staff.

Who was the first to join MSIG?

Nabilah: Hasif did! He started much earlier than me. I started off as a temporary staff when Hasif was still working at Claims Services. Then, I kicked him out! Just kidding! Basically, he introduced me to this job and I have him to thank for. 

Hasif: Coincidentally, I too started out as a temporary staff in Claims Services about 8 years ago. I moved on to another department about two years ago which was also the time Nabilah joined the MSIG family. 


What is it like working in the same company?

Nabilah: Being siblings, we tend to look very much alike – only that I am the female version of Hasif. This makes work interesting as unsuspecting or new colleagues will excitedly tell me that I look like Hasif. Sometimes, I just play along and ask who Hasif is.
Aside from fun and games, we also update each other of our work over dinner so we never miss out on the latest news in the industry.

Hasif: Ironically, we seldom interact or see each other at work as we are located at different buildings and have very different job scopes. The few times we do get to interact are at company events and at home. Even if we do have to work together, we keep it professional and treat each other like how we treat our other colleagues.


What is one advantage of working in the same organisation as your sibling?

Hasif: Whenever her boyfriend drives her to and from work, I get to hitch a ride!
On a serious note, working together in the same organisation gives us the opportunity to understand the different aspects of the company and challenges our colleagues face in their work. Subconsciously, we become the link between our departments which allows for more collaborations and progress for MSIG.

Nabilah: Yes! He never misses the opportunity to get a free ride home. So clingy!
Working together helps me understand the industry better as we share our experiences in our daily work. Having my brother working in the same company also means that I have someone to lean on when I get stressed.


What is one challenge of working in the same organisation as your sibling?

Hasif: I feel there is not much challenge in working together especially when we keep our private and professional lives separate.  

Nabilah: My brother is more of a people person while I am more reserved. Working in his ex-department can be daunting and pressuring as people would have certain expectations of me and compare us constantly.


How different is your sibling at work compared to at home?

Hasif: At work, Nabilah is serious, professional and independent but she becomes a very goofy and clumsy princess at home. I am the eldest of four children while Nabilah is the third child so she, and our youngest brother, are naturally the pampered ones at home.

Nabilah: Hasif can be annoying at times, especially when he gets in the mood of teasing my younger brother and I. Despite irritating us most times, Hasif takes his responsibility as the eldest child seriously and never fails to look out for his siblings. At work, he is who you see he is. Do I need to say more?


How different are the both of you?

Hasif: Nabilah is more laidback. On weekends, she catches up on her Netflix or Korean serials at home while I am the one always out and about attending events or sipping tea. Due to her nursing background, she is also not squeamish at the sight of blood. That’s something I wish I am.

Nabilah: We are very different. Hasif has more social engagements and appreciates the finer things in life while I prefer staying at home and watching Netflix. I also do not spend on things other than food that keeps me full. That is also the reason why Hasif is slimmer and fit while I am just curvier.


Do you have a message for your sibling?

Hasif: I admire your strength, determination and passion in everything you set out to do. I am proud to have a sister like you. Having said that, I will still continue to irritate you! After all, that is what siblings are for. Happy International Siblings’ Day!

Nabilah: Happy International Siblings’ Day, bro! Please stay sane and amazing always. You’ve been the best brother and nothing less.