People is What Matters

15 Mar 2021

Jessica Lim

A company is only as good as its people. And when you have dependable staff like Jessica, you know your service standards will always be kept high.

Jessica, is our Senior Executive with the Motor Policy Processing team and was recently crowned one of the Shining Stars of MSIG for the outstanding support that she has rendered to her colleagues.

In her role, she liaises frequently with account handlers and speed is often the most common of their demands.

“Policy processing is more than just data entry. We ensure that our customers’ data is handled securely and accurately. So care and consideration must be extended.”

To help the account handlers see her point of view, she uses diplomacy to maintain positive work relations.

“Many a time, as long as we exercise patience and tact in explaining to our colleagues on the issues we encounter, they would be able to understand and accept better.”

Not one to cave in to difficulties, Jessica recalls her most satisfying moments.

“There was a large account that came in and we managed to issue complex motor fleet policies and rushed out the certificate of insurance within 2 weeks. It was certainly a feat to get it done, especially when it was over and above our existing workload.”

The group effort shown in this instance is a source of motivation for Jessica, who believes that building a collaborative team is equally important to her work.

It is no surprise her next challenge is to develop people around her.

“I hope to groom a successor to assume supervisory duty. We must plan for the future.”