The Secret to Delighting Customers

12 Jan 2017

The Secret to Delighting Customers

Technology has dramatically changed customers' expectations of service over the years. Despite the shifting landscape, our head of Customer Service, Gale Goh, believes the secret to great service boils down to building a team of happy and committed people.

"Insurance is not an easily understood subject. Many of our customers' calls are attempts to clarify product information or claim status. It matters to customers that you are there for them, with answers to their questions. Good customer experience is when it is seamless, prompt and delivered in layman terms understood by the customer."

To reinforce a customer-focused culture, Gale makes it a point to instill pride and a shared purpose in her team.

"We make service excellence our Number 1 deliverable and embrace this belief seriously. We recognise and appreciate winners, and share good customer service practices. Similarly, we learn as a team and improve from our shortfalls."

She revealed that training, mentoring and providing support to each other are important tenets to ensuring her staff feels a sense of belonging and appreciation.

"Learning is made fun as we would weave games and activities, more so to engage the team and to foster closer bonds"

On some of the best things that her staff has done for customers, Gale recounted a colleague, Rebecca, who accompanied an elderly customer to the taxi stand as she was lost and limping. The customer was so touched by Rebecca's act of kindness that for years that followed, she would visit MSIG's customer centre to renew her policy and catch up with Rebecca.

She also sang praises of colleagues like Kitty Chen for going beyond her call of duty to help a client check on his road tax and COE renewal date; and Yuliana who patiently guided a customer who is not IT savvy with an online purchase.

"Staff like Rebecca, Kitty and Yuliana have shown that service is not just about doing what's in the job scope. They have chosen to go the extra mile because of their passion and belief. I'm a strong advocate that if your service staff feels valued, they would naturally take care of your customers."