Shining Through it All

15 Mar 2021

Peter Kwek

A cheerful personality is what you get a sense of when you first meet Peter.

As a Senior Administrative Officer with the Policy Processing Department, Peter joined MSIG in 2014 and has been with the company since. Over time, his responsibilities grew significantly and have expanded beyond the core realm as a trainer and mentor to colleagues using the company’s new policy management solution.

The opportunity to learn and to grow professionally at the workplace, continues to foster his motivation to push his career envelope. Adding to that, a positive work culture that is synonymous with MSIG, has kept his deep loyalty.

Peter’s affable disposition has also made him a perfect candidate for the company’s staff recreational club where he contributed actively for 2 years, organising fun activities such as movie nights, lunch talks and even for corporate social responsibility projects.

One thing though, that still bugs a chirpy fellow like him, is the common misconception that policy processing is a job for ladies.

“When I started my first job in policy processing, I was the only male in the department. Compared to now, there are more men in policy processing taking on junior, executive and higher-level roles.”

Further debunking the myth that policy processing is all about churning of paperwork, Peter and his colleagues have participated in company-wide digital project.

“Before our company launched a new policy management solution, we had to brainstorm on possible issues and suggest feasible ways for it to work more efficiently. We did a lot of testing and, it took up a lot of time and effort but it was well-worth it when we saw the results,” he beams as he shares proudly of the achievement.

Surely hard work (and cheerfulness) never go unnoticed.

Peter was duly nominated for a staff award in 2019, which recognises his exemplary work and conduct. A well-deserved award for embodying the MSIG core values.