Steering A Career In Marine Insurance

23 May 2017

Steering A Career In Marine Insurance

A conscious decision to pursue a career in marine insurance motivated Natalie Kwek to apply for the MSIG Scholarship. “What encouraged me to take up this scholarship is the possibility of an exciting career path combined with a wide array of opportunities MSIG provides.”

Looking ahead, Natalie is confident that her upcoming work stint at MSIG will enable her to interact with international clients and understand better the various cultures she will be exposed to. “My hope is that this experience will then help me improve on my communication skills and develop a more global outlook of the insurance industry. 

This go-getter is not one to rest on her laurels. To prepare herself for her experience at MSIG, she has also identified key qualities necessary to help her excel at her job. These include good communication skills, a strong personality that entails perseverance and honesty, as well as a good grasp of general insurance knowledge.

For this Maritime Studies student, a career in marine insurance is not her only motivation. “I would love to work in the marine insurance industry as I would then be able to apply what I have studied in university. I enjoy learning. As I continue to learn the inner workings of the industry, I would also be able to understand it better.”