What Keeps Him Going

23 May 2017

Ryan Tan

As Assistant Manager, Claims Services, Ryan Tan leads a team of 15 executives handling claims such as liability, construction, work injury, commercial construction bonds and financial lines.

He says: “I’m fortunate to be able to work with a supportive team. Since I handle complex claims or escalated cases, they’ve been helping me with other incoming claims – sometimes to the point that I don’t even need to hand them any work!”

As no two claims are alike, Ryan and his team encounter various scenarios and cases in their day-to-day duties. To be able to handle claims better, they accumulate knowledge from various industries and sectors and in turn become “a Jack of all trades, yet masters at claims handling”. 

This theme of continuous learning on the job is even more relevant for Ryan. In 2014, he was seconded to MSIG’s head office in Tokyo as part of a career development programme. “When I thought I had learned everything, I went to Japan and had to start from the ground again, learning how to handle international claims and even working with forensic reports.”

On what keeps him going after 8 years at MSIG, Ryan says: “It’s the people. There will always be hardships, unsatisfied customers and stressful days. How I overcome it is with the support of my bosses, colleagues and the people around me.”