5 Hacks To Keep Your Marriage And Home Happy

5 Hacks To Keep Your Marriage And Home Happy

Making a relationship work takes big things, such as patience and commitment. But the little things matter too, when it comes to building a happy and peaceful home life with your partner.

Here are 5 seemingly mundane but handy life hacks to keep your marital home a happy place for both of you:

1. Install A Smart Lock

The grown-up version of “head, shoulders, knees and toes” is “phone, wallet, keys and phone”. That’s why we all know how frustrating it gets to lose any one of these items… and the worst thing to lose? Your keys.

This leaves your house potentially open to burglaries and a lack of security is not exactly the best ingredient for a happy household! Maintain the peace at home by installing a smart lock. A fuss-free solution to a highly avoidable problem.

2. Perform A Magic Trick

Moving into a new house together feels great… until things at home start to show signs of wear and tear. You’d be surprised at how common it is for little flaws and cracks at home to create conflict, so keep them at bay with a little “magic” we like to call cleaning hacks.

From making burnt food at the bottom of your cooking pot disappear with baking soda and white vinegar to turning dirty windows shiny by cleaning them with old newspapers and removing water stains from wooden surfaces with a hair dryer, there’s plenty of possibilities for that “voila” moment at home.

3. Do Some Grocery Shopping

Candlelit dinners are so overrated. Keep the spark alive by finding romance even in the most mundane of activities — like a trip to the supermarket! Plus, treating yourselves and splurging on lots of food together might just help preserve your fridge.

Every time you open your fridge door, cool air escapes and hot air enters — and your fridge uses more energy to regulate the temperature, possibly leading to freezer failure and spoiled food! Save yourself that heartache by keeping your fridge fully stocked — this reduces the amount of air that escapes and thus, helps minimize temperature fluctuations.

4. Get Creative with Storage

Everyone has a partner who collects or hoards something, from collectibles to clothes. Hobbies are great but this particular one runs the risk of frustrating the other party if it ends up cluttering the house — or worse, creating a fire hazard.

Start thinking outside of the box and explore creative storage solutions together — this can include building in-wall storage spaces, using furniture for storage (e.g.: storage boxes that double up as stools) or even building a raised floor to create extra room!

5. Create A Safe Zone

Sometimes, all the tips and hacks in the world can’t prevent every possible conflict. So just in case things get a little heated, make sure you and your partner each have a designated safe space in the house to retreat to and cool down with some alone time.

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