5 Ways To Stand in Solidarity with our Healthcare Workers

5 Ways To Stand in Solidarity with our Healthcare Workers

The rise of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to a global outbreak of panic, bringing out an unpleasant side of many people around us. It all came to a head when two nurses wearing their uniforms on a bus were forced by other passengers to alight, for fear of contamination.

The incident has since sparked widespread reflection on the importance of our healthcare workers, the struggles they endure and how we treat them. As fellow Singaporeans, here are five ways to show them your appreciation and support:

1) Say it With Words

Never underestimate the power of words — affirmations can go a long way in making someone’s day.

18,000 Scouts and Girl Guides wrote notes of encouragement for staff at local hospitals while community group StandUpFor.SG started the #braveheartsg movement, calling for Singaporeans to hashtag photos of handwritten cards. These photos were then printed and distributed to healthcare workers on Valentine’s Day.

You can play your part too, with the recently launched “Overcome As One” initiative. Under this movement, simply post a video of yourself performing the “Overcome As One” hand gesture and hashtag it with #BeGreaterSG and #SGUnited! Visit their website to find out more.

Social media movements in the name of kindness can be very uncomplicated and straightforward — take part in one, or even start your own!

2) Buy Them a Meal

We all know the way to a Singaporean’s heart: good food!

The owners of chicken rice stall OK Chicken Rice certainly do. In response to the incident involving the nurses on the bus, they started a campaign called “Cheer Up” to raise funds and deliver free packets of chicken rice to hospital workers. 

Contributions from Singaporeans poured in, and if you’ve missed that window, you can still make a difference — OK Chicken Rice is looking for volunteers to help with delivery till 9 April! Find out more on their Facebook page.

3) Send A Care Package

In times like these, every bit of positivity counts.

Team up with your friends or colleagues to pool your resources and put together a care package for healthcare workers. Items you can include are snacks for a pick-me-up, health supplements to keep up their strength or even the now highly coveted hand sanitiser.

4) Make a Donation

Struggling with a busy schedule but want to play your part too? Do it with a donation. It’s fuss-free, simple, can be done online in minutes and is super effective!

It also benefits more than just healthcare workers — you can choose to give to other frontline workers who are also important in our fight against the virus, or even to families in need. Giving.sg is a great platform to do this, with a page specially dedicated to causes related to the battle against COVID-19 here.

5) Just Be Nice!

Being nice should always be a way of life, but in light of recent events, it is more important than ever to demonstrate kindness and appreciation. This is especially crucial in public places, where healthcare workers face a great deal of stigma and isolation.

Show your appreciation simply by acknowledging their presence with a friendly smile or greeting. You can also do your part by making it a point not to avoid them in public spaces. If you see healthcare workers being picked on or ostracised, make an effort to stand up for them or show your support by literally standing with them!

At MSIG Insurance, we believe in the importance of coming together as a community in these times to support and empower each other. That’s why we’ve collaborated with over 60 other companies to distribute 5,000 care packages across 12 hospitals and polyclinics, as part of Mediacorp’s Ode to Healthcare Frontliners campaign.

Our healthcare workers put their lives on the line every day to keep Singapore safe, constantly facing challenges to their physical, emotional and mental well-being. Let’s all look out for them and one another, and face these trying times with a whole lot of heart and kindness.

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