Are You Really Ready To Move Out? 5 Moments That Make You Wonder

Are you really ready to move out? Here are 5 moments that make you wonder.

Being a first-time homeowner is an exciting milestone for every young Singaporean adult. But it's more than just owning a place - it's about becoming your own person and running your own home, after living with your parents. 

But sometimes, moving out isn't all it's cracked up to be and you realise the conveniences you took for granted. Here are the moments when it'll hit you the hardest: 

1. When You Ask "What's for Dinner?"

... and realise that now, you're the one who has to answer the question! 

Feeding us is one of the classic ways parents in Singapore dote on their children. So it's easy to take it as a given that meals are taken care of, when you live with your parents. 

But when you've moved out, it can be a shock to realise the amount of coordination and planning needed to carve out time in your schedule to prepare meals. 

Add to that the physical tiredness after a full day of work, and you're likely to end up buying takeaway. With time, the realisation of the cost that goes into settling meals - whether homecooked or not - also starts to sink in. 

2. When You Have to Furnish and Maintain Your Home

Living with your parents lulls you into a false sense of security that many items are available by "default". 

Shopping for your own furniture and appliances the first time can be a rude awakening, when you become suddenly aware that essential items such as a washing machine can cost nearly $1,000 alone (and that's already on the relatively affordable end of the spectrum!)

If there was ever a good time to emulate Mom and go into "aunty" mode, this would be it. Take your time and invest some effort to scout for good home furnishing deals, or create a priority list to rank your planned purchases according to importance. This helps you prioritise needs, such as a good microwave, over wants like that pricey and Instagrammable juice blender you've been eyeing. 

It doesn't end there though. As time goes on and appliances start showing signs of wear and tear, you may begin to understand the importance of maintenance and why your parents tend to prefer repairing appliances instead of replacing them with brand new ones. This is where picking up home repair skills will come in handy. Take up a basic handyman course or better yet, count on Enhanced HomePlus' 24-hour support hotline for home emergencies. 

3. When Your Weekend Becomes Non-Existent

Weekends used to be for sleeping in, when you lived with your parents. Not anymore, after you've moved out. It's hard to spend your weekends chilling when you see the laundry piling up, surfaces gathering dust and floors feeling a little grimy! 

When you live on your own, it won't take long to realise how fast and easy it is for mess to accumulate in a home, especially if you have children. 

You will then appreciate the amount of energy it takes to keep a house consistently and regularly clean and tidy. It gets tempting to procrastinate but try to stick to a regular schedule for your chores, so they don't pile up and become unmanageable. If your budget allows, you can also explore engaging a part-time cleaner. Alternatively, check out these handy decluttering and organisation tips

4. When You Can't Find Something

Gone are the days when you can ask Mom if she's seen that thing you misplaced. 

We don't know what sorcery this is, but we sure have a newfound appreciation for Mom's superpower for locating our posessions quickly. 

Until you cultivate that superpower of your own, create your own system for remembering where your belongings are. Designate a few spots for storing items, so that they can be your usual go-to places to check. 

5. When You Can't Be Antisocial Anymore

Once upon a time, it was easy to just rely on your parents to maintain good relationships with the neighbours. 

But now, as a homeowner, you are recognised as the "man (or woman!) of the house" - the primary representative of your home - and neighbours will treat you accordingly! This means disputes and conflicts will now need to be handled directly by you, and you can no longer conveniently yell for Mom or Dad when a salesman comes knocking to speak to the homeowner.

Unofficial tip? If you've lucked into having a "young" face and tend to dress younger than your age, take advantage of it by saying your parents aren't in when there's an unfamilliar visitor you're not keen on entertaining. But you didn't hear it from us! 

Nothing gives you a deeper understanding of the responsibility, time and money that goes into being a homeowner than striking out on your own and running your own home. 

That's why it's worth keeping that home protected with Enhanced HomePlus' coverage of your home contents, renovations, furnishings and much more. Find out more here and get 10% off and up to $55 vouchers for a limited time only! 

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