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Employing a maid means inviting her into your home, where she’ll be a resident. It means seeing her often and working with her to keep the house in order or our loved ones cared for. But this also means things can go sour if your working relationship with her isn’t good.

Lately, there have been more and more alarming reports of maids stealing from their employers or abusing persons under their care. Often, these behaviours are caused by unchecked high mental stress. And don’t think that this issue is one-sided! There have also been several cases of employers going overboard and physically and mentally abusing their maids.

These cases are extreme and can easily be avoided. We offer steps to building a positive, healthy working relationship with your maid so that everyone is happy and contented:

1. Communicate expectations and needs

The backbone of any successful relationship is effective and open communication. From the start, clearly articulate your expectations, house rules and job responsibilities to your maid. Once shared, invite her to repeat what has been told and to task questions should she have any. Ensuring that both parties are on the same page is critical to avoid misunderstandings.

2. Respect your maid as a person

The golden rule is to treat others how you want to be treated. The best way to motivate your maid is to respect her. Set the example and speak politely, addressing her by her name.

No one performs well when stressed and exhausted from overworking. Be fair and ensure you meet her basic needs – three meals daily, breaks between tasks, sufficient sleep every night, and regular days off to recharge.

3. Exercise patience and compassion

Making mistakes is part and parcel of learning. Anyone new to a job would take time getting used to the new environments and tasks – your maid included! Give her space to try and fail. Don’t reprimand her harshly if she doesn’t get it the first few times; explain to her nicely instead. And don’t micromanage either.

If your maid behaves strangely, extend a hand and ask if something is bothering her. If she’s unwell, be compassionate and let her rest to recuperate. If she’s troubled, be empathetic and lend her a listening ear.

4. Make your maid feel included

Leaving your family and moving solo to a new country, with different cultures and unfamiliar surroundings, can be intimidating; no one likes feeling like an outsider. Ease her discomfort by showing her some hospitality and making her feel a sense of belonging.

Forming a positive relationship requires effort. Get to know your maid and take an interest in her life. Ask her about herself without being too intrusive. Do you have any children? What are your interests? Showing you care can help break down walls and establish trust, only after which will your maid feel more comfortable to share openly with (and not hide things from) you.

5. Protect her with MSIG MaidPlus insurance

Getting good insurance for your maid puts all minds at ease. Our MSIG MaidPlus plan has been thoughtfully put together to protect both your maid’s well-being and your interest.

The plan covers up to $120,000 of your maid's hospitalisation, surgical, diagnostic services and treatment expenses, and up to $3,000 for dental treatment, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment, and dengue fever. If she needs to take compassionate home leave, we’ll cover up to $500 for the travel expenses and up to $420 for wages and levy while she’s away.

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