From Eat, Pray, Love to Just Eating: 6 Holidays We Take At Different Ages


Everybody loves to travel but as we grow older, our idea of a holiday evolves and changes. What sounds enjoyable and fun to us at age 18 can seem like a chore when we’re 30.

Here are the six holidays most Singaporeans will recognize at different ages and stages of their lives:

1) The Holiday You Don’t Really Remember

Do you have any vague memories of a family holiday, way back when you were a child? Most of us have gone on vacations with our families but struggle to recall details, as we were much younger then. 

You know what we’re talking about — these holidays often involve tour groups. Even when we tell others we’ve been to these countries, we always qualify it with “but it’s not counted”. Chances are, they’re lovingly documented by sepia-toned snapshots in old family photo albums.

2) The Music Festival Pilgrimage

When we’re a little older and finally have some spending power, most Singaporeans in their 20s take the Music Festival Pilgrimage, also known as the “This Is Just For A Music Festival” trip.

This involves traveling overseas — usually to a Southeast Asian country — for a music festival or concert. Think Wonderfruit in Thailand, Clockenflap in Hong Kong or Fuji Rock in Japan. This is also accompanied by an endless barrage of Instagram Stories to inspire some serious envy in the rest of us.

3) The Couple Getaway

These take place mostly during our 20s before we settle down with kids, when our partners have practically become our default travel companions. 

The hallmarks of such a holiday are impossible to miss on your social media feed: the classic Instagram poses a la #FollowMeTo, original travel-themed hashtags that people coin for themselves (a typical one goes something like #InsertCoupleNameGoesToInsertDestination) and the couple selfies.

4) The Eat, Pray, Love Journey

Basically a staple of the quarter or mid-life crisis, this sees someone taking a solo trip, usually to a location that’s off the beaten track.

Chances are, you’ve heard this person saying things like “I’m disconnecting to reconnect”. Julia Roberts approves.

5) The Meals & Massages Vacation

Everyone needs a holiday after a holiday — a concept only understood by working adults. That’s why they’re so partial to holidays that are more relaxed and chill.

Think weekend trips to Johor Bahru or Bangkok, all with the same itinerary: eat, shop and treat yourself with massages, manicures and all.

6) The Family Reunion

Traveling with friends and partners is a whole lot of fun that most of us enjoy in our 20s and 30s. But for most of us, as we grow older, things come full circle when we want (and are financially able) to treat our parents to a holiday.

Cue a family trip, with your entire tribe of extended family — parents, spouses and children included. Planning it and keeping everyone in order can be a messy, chaotic affair but the fulfilment of thanking and rewarding our parents in their older years is often worth the effort.

Our idea of holiday fun changes as we age, but some things remain the same, like the need for travel insurance!

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