Things Singaporeans Secretly Appreciate About Our Elders

Things Singaporeans Secretly Appreciate About Our Elders

Is there anything purer than the love of our elders? We all know our parents and grandparents dote on us and we see it most in big ways such as funding our education and taking care of our basic needs, since birth.

But there are so many underrated ways in which they show they care — some of which we take for granted and some even get on our nerves sometimes! At the end of the day, we know they mean well and we’re giving them a shout out for taking care of us in these ways:

When They Play Doctor

From avoiding showers after dinner and drinking pig’s brain soup before exams to not consuming soy sauce after an injury, chances are your seniors are the resident authority on health and medicine at home.

Many of us are guilty of being dismissive and even annoyed when they share these with us but hey, it’s pretty heartwarming that the first thing that comes to our elders’ minds when they pick up a health tip is our well-being!

When They Remind Us About The Most Important Meal of the Day

Hardly anyone likes the morning grind — the waking up early and jostling for space on the commute to work. For some of us, part of this dreaded ritual involves us leaving the house without eating breakfast… not on our elders’ watch!

Most of our parents and grandparents cannot bear the sight of us leaving home without grabbing a bite, so they tend to stock up on pastries from the neighbourhood bakery. From pork floss buns to hot dog buns, we’re pretty sure these are staples in virtually every Singaporean household.

It’s easy to take this small gesture for granted but the yeast we can do is show a little gratitude!

When They Help Us Meet Our Vitamin C Quota

Ever been given a plate of nicely cut fruit by your mum or dad? For those of us whose idea of getting your Vitamin Cs is from eating fruit-flavoured candy, this is where a parent’s love makes all the difference!

Usually a little ritual after dinner, they love cutting up fruits and assembling them into a post-meal platter — a literally sweet gesture that shows they’re thinking of us all the time.

When They Friend Us On Facebook

You’ve seen that meme — our parents would rather we face our books than Facebook. What happens when they start friending us on social media though?

Back then, it was every kid’s nightmare. We’ve all gone through the process of hiding and filtering certain things off our social media profiles when parents become our online friends and start leaving endearingly (and sometimes dorky) comments on our posts. But these are ways our elders make an effort to stay involved in our lives during the Digital Age, right down to expressing their pride and affection with social media posts about us!

Our parents and grandparents love and care for us in ways that are often overlooked and subtle. Here’s how we can reciprocate in our own little ways:

  1. Go home for dinner: A little work-life balance goes a long way in creating opportunities for quality time with our elders! 
  2. Look out for their health: Our elders are constantly thinking of our physical welfare, so let’s spare a thought for theirs too! Go for a stroll in the park with them on weekends to squeeze in a little exercise.
  3. Ensuring round-the-clock care: With full-time jobs and other commitments, it’s not always feasible to be with and look out for our elderly loved ones 24/7, but we can pay more attention to their needs and arrange for some help. You can look into hiring a domestic helper to take care of them when you are not home, and keep her protected with MaidPlus. It comes with personal accident coverage of up to $60,000 and even gives you coverage for hiring temporary help while your maid is hospitalized — perfect for making sure your elders will always get the care they need.