Things You’ll Totally Get If You’ve Ever Been In A Long-Distance Relationship


With more Singaporeans studying and working abroad, long-distance relationships are getting increasingly common. Thanks to the invention of video calling and texting though, you would think long-distance romance is easy.

But technology cannot solve every problem and in some cases, may even complicate things. If you’ve ever been in a long-distance relationship, you might recognize these #ReallSmallProblems:

1. The Shorter The Text, The More Trouble You’re In

Most people are familiar with the anxiety of receiving a single-word text, or worse — a single-letter one or a lone emoji for every reply. We all know that monosyllabic “K” means… things are not okay.

That feeling is amplified in long-distance relationships where communication is crucial — the difficulty of understanding your partner’s mood and tone through texts makes it easy for misunderstandings to occur.

2. Reach for the Skype

Skype: every long-distance couple’s best tool for staying in close contact. While Skype calls are a great way to maintain that emotional connection, nothing ruins the mood like a bad connection.

You’ll know what we mean when you have to see your partner’s face through blurry pixels or hear sweet nothings through laggy audio.

3. “My Time Or Your Time?”

You know you’ve nailed the long-distance thing when you throw around phrases such as “Let’s talk 6pm, your time” like it’s no big deal. Coordination schedules is taken to a whole new level, especially for couples who live in vastly different time zones. 

The hardest bit? All the sleep debt accumulated through sacrifice and compromise. Our sympathies if you’re the one who has to stay up past midnight to do a call.

4. A Couple That Watches TV Together, Stays Together

Watching TV shows online have evolved into a staple in every modern couple’s routine. So it’s no surprise one of the cute little routines between long-distance partners is watching the same show at the same time, from different countries.

Admit it though: it can be quite a drag waiting to find out what happens in the next episode, if your partner isn’t available to watch it. Believe it or not, this little temptation to binge watch behind your partner’s back is an actual phenomenon called “Netflix cheating” and 46% of couples all over the world are officially guilty!

This struggle is even more real for long-distance couples, but in our opinion, the hardest part is not getting to snuggle up together on a couch for a TV marathon.

Long-distance relationships come with many struggles and obstacles, but they can be worth it if you and your partner handle them well with these tips:

  • Accept that you’re not dating a telepath: don’t expect each other to be mind readers — your feelings and thoughts should be consistently and openly communicated, instead of being hidden in passive-aggressive texts.
  • Add the element of surprise: don’t underestimate the power of a nice gesture, whether it’s as small as sending a postcard or as grand as a trip to surprise your partner.
  • Embrace adventure together: when you do get to see each other, make every moment count by making new memories to get you through your time apart — take a road trip, go camping or even try bungee jumping!

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