The Ultimate Game of Would You Rather

Life is a series of choices. Can you make the ultimate choice?

Did you know that we make a mind-boggling number of decisions every day? Studies show that we make about 200 choices per day ... just on food alone! 

So put those decision-making skills to the test with the ultimate game of Would You Rather - and read on till the end, to find out how you can take home sure-win rewards! 

1. Would you rather a world without ERP gantries or a life without having to queue?

Ah, a life with no queueing is a Singaporean's dream come true. From skipping the 30-minute wait for your daily bubble tea fix to beating the queue for your first BTO, the latter option is incredibly tempting. 

ERPs though. The bane of every motorist's existence. Owning a car in Singapore is expensive and every cent counts, especially if you don't have a solid motor insurance plan that helps you avoid unnecessary expenses. That's not to mention the revised fees with the upcoming new ERP system. Even if you don't drive, it's a win, with all the money you save on taxi ride surcharges. 

2. Would you rather get free flights or free overseas accommodation for life?

A particularly tricky dilemma for Singaporeans, as we love our travel - and both airfare and accommodation make up a big part of the costs. 

On one hand, free flights let you travel to your heart's content. On the other, 5-star accommodation anytime and anywhere is divine. After a full day of exploring a foreign place, there's nothing like retiring in luxurious comfort. 

Whichever option you pick, it's a real money-saver anyway. Another way to help cut costs for your future holidays is to count on an affordable travel insurance plan with a comprehensive range of benefits like TravelEasy

3. Would you rather lose the ability to hear or lose the ability to speak?

Having to choose between listening to your loved ones or being able to talk to them? This is a tough decision that makes us realise how important our natural-born abilities are and how much we've taken them for granted!

This may be a game, but what happens when serious circumstances cause the loss of these abilities? That's where a reliable personal accident plan comes in. For a start, you can check out ProtectionPlus, with its coverage of loss of hearing, sight, speech and more. 

4. Would you rather have clothes that wash and iron themselves, or a self-cleaning house?

Hands up if you hate doing household chores. Self-washing and ironing clothes sound great, especially if you have a huge wardrobe and can't stop adding to cart. 

But a self-cleaning house means never having to sweep, mop or dust anymore. Plus, it means you can make a mess and spill whatever you want, without having to clean up. 

If there's one thing this question tells us, it's that keeping a home in order takes a lot of time and work. Till the day a truly smart and automated home becomes a reality, many of us hire domestic helpers to assist us. If that's you, make sure she stays protected with MaidPlus. 

5. Would you rather live in a tiny BTO next to an MRT station, or a spacious house in a hard-to-access area?

You don't need to be a property agent to know how hard it is to get a home that fulfils the holy trinity: ample space, good location and affordable price. 

Even outside of this game, making a decision for your home is not easy and involves so many considerations. Don't let that hard-earned decision go to waste without protecting your home

Did you make your choice for all five questions? Consider this your warm-up! Take part in our interactive choose-your-own-adventure at where you'll help our protagonist, Chris, make some decisions to get out of a sticky situation or two. 

Plus, we're giving away up to $5,000 worth of sure-win rewards! When you take part, you can win either $50 shopping vouchers or exclusive promo codes for MSIG products. Get started here now! 

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