Your Stay-Home Netflix and Exercise Challenge

Your Stay Home Netflix and Exercise Challenge 2020

Calling all CCBs (Community Circuit Breakers), it’s time to break out of your inertia! You work from home, eat at home, shop at home, learn from home but are you keeping fit at home?

With all this alone time on our hands, it’s no surprise that many people are catching up on their favourite TV series during this period. But while you’re making full use of your 30-day free Netflix subscription, it’s still important to maintain your physical health.

The world may be at a standstill but you don’t have to!

Join us in this Netflix and Exercise Challenge — where you can binge watch and stay in shape at the same time!

1. Crash Landing On You

The title’s as literal as it gets: in a paragliding ride gone wrong, a South Korean heiress literally crash lands in North Korea, right into the arms of her destined love interest.

The ensuing romance has taken the K-drama world by storm, garnering the highest viewership ratings in the history of South Korean TV channel TVN. While you watch the two star-crossed lovers fall in love, get into some heart-stopping action of your own with these exercises:

  • 5x bicep curls every time Se-ri cries
  • 5x leg raises every time Se-ri enjoys North Korean food
  • 5x crunches every time the women in the village swoon over Jeong-hyeok
  • 5x arm circles every time Se-ri mentions her fashion business, Seri’s Choice
  • 5x weighted tricep extensions for every failed attempt to return to South Korea

2. Money Heist

This thrilling series has become one of Netflix’s most watched TV series since. If the adrenaline from it is not enough, pump it up with these wicked moves:

  • 5x crunches every time a character aims a gun at someone
  • 5x weighted tricep extensions every time you hear the song “Bella Ciao”
  • 5x arm circles every time you see stacks of money
  • 5x leg raises every time you hear Denver’s signature laugh
  • 5x bicep curls every time the Professor makes a phone call

3. Kingdom

Blood. Guts. Gore. There are tons of it in this Korean-language period thriller, following Crown Prince Lee Chang as he investigates the spread of a plague that revives the dead as bloodthirsty zombies. As crazy as this story sounds, it’s actually based on the true story of the Joseon Dynasty, when a mysterious disease spread from the West and killed tens of thousands of people in Hanyang!

As you watch everyone run away in fear, burn some calories of your own with this teeth-clenching challenge:

  • 5x leg raises every time a zombie bites the flesh off someone’s face
  • 5x arm circles every time the Crown Prince shoots an arrow
  • 5x bicep curls every time a guard flashes his “badge”
  • 5x crunches every time a box rattles (Make it 7x crunches if it contains zombies)
  • 5x weighted tricep extensions every time the magistrate calls for Seo-bi

4. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Real life can be stranger than fiction and nothing proves it more than this wildly successful documentary series. Meet Joe Exotic, the eccentric zoo owner at the heart of a deadly feud among big cat collectors and animal rights activists.

Cult brainwashing. Murderous plots. Missing people. This series has all the elements you need for an entertaining time — throw in a quick workout while you’re enjoying it!

  • 5x bicep curls every time you see a tiger
  • 5x crunches every time you hear Joe Exotic’s music
  • 5x weighted tricep extensions every time Carole Baskin greets viewers with “Hey, all you cool cats and kittens”
  • 5x leg raises every time Joe Exotic insults Carole Baskin
  • 5x arm circles every time Carole Baskin denies murdering her husband

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Need some feel-good vibes in these circuit breaker days? Opt for this beloved sitcom set in the New York City Police Department. Featuring a host of endearing madcap characters, it won’t be long before you find yourself rooting for the hijinks of Detective Jake Peralta and gang.

Do it, while keeping yourself fit with these reps

  • 5x leg raises every time Jake high-fives someone
  • 5x bicep curls every time Terry refers to himself in the third person
  • 5x crunches every time you hear someone say “cool”
  • 5x arm circles every time you hear someone say “noice”
  • 5x weighted tricep extensions every time Gina mentions spirit animals
  • 5x neck rotations every time you hear “Nine-Nine!”

Staying healthy in this challenging period means finding creative ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine. Go ahead and modify the exercises, if you wish to up the challenge!

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