Marine Cargo

Marine Cargo

Product Description

Protects your cargo shipments against accidental loss or damage during transit by land, sea or air. Suitable for importers, exporters, manufacturers, commodities traders and freight forwarders.

Key features

  • Single Voyage
    We offer Single voyage policies for one-time or occasional shipments.
  • Open Cover
    Businesses that make regular cargo shipments can benefit from Open cover, which automatically insures shipments based on specified terms and conditions.
  • Annual Cover
    If your business does high volume shipments, Annual Cover is a convenient option. The premium is adjusted at the end of each policy period according to the actual value of your shipments or actual annual turnover.
  • Inland Transit
    Goods in transit on your land vehicles or through a professional carrier can be protected by an annual transit policy with us. An agreed annual premium is charged upfront, and declaration of shipments is not required.

Marine Cargo insurance plan highlights

Bespoke Comprehensive Cover
We can customise your marine cargo insurance policy coverage with extensions and ensure you get comprehensive protection that meets your business needs. 

Value-added Services
We value-add by providing your business helpful information gathered through our extensive global network of professionals like loss adjusters, surveyors, legal partners, settling agents and more. 

Proven Track Record
We are rated A+/Stable by Standard & Poor’s with a long-standing history of being Singapore’s top marine cargo insurer. 

Claims Made Easy
We keep our process as simple as possible to bring your marine cargo insurance claim to a fair settlement quickly. 

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