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Travel Insurance

Enhanced with COVID-19 benefit! Provides cover for over 50 benefits and COVID-19 coverage for overseas medical and evacuation, travel cancellation and travel postponement. 

Maid Insurance

Enables your maid to do the best possible job while protecting her from accidents, medical emergencies and more.

CancerCare Plus
Cancer Insurance

Provides financial relief for you in difficult times with a lump sum payout of $100,000 in the event of a Major Cancer diagnosis.

Personal Accident Insurance

Protects you from loss of income when you get into an accident. 

Freelancer CashPlus
Health Insurance

Protect yourself against loss of income when you’re unable to work due to injury or illness. Freelancer CashPlus provides cash payout so you can focus on recovery when you’re hospitalised or on medical leave for a prolonged period of time.

Enhanced HomePlus®
Home Insurance

Protects everything that makes your home dear to you. Up to $270,000 in coverage for home contents and renovation.

Private Motor
Motor Insurance

Covers you and your passengers on the road, and gives you the flexibility of choosing workshops and more.

TravelEasy Pre-Ex®
Travel Insurance

Covers for the high costs of overseas hospitalisation and evacuation if you become critically ill during your trip due to your pre-existing medical conditions. Suitable for travellers with stable and controlled pre-existing medical conditions. 

Global Study
Overseas Student Travel Insurance

Designed for students going on to higher institutions abroad. Covers accidents, illness, study interruptions, and even holiday travels, with 1-month to 12-month cover options.

Golf Insurance

Choose from our 3 levels of protection that lets you swing with confidence at any golf course or driving range in the world.

Prestige Healthcare
Health Insurance

Offers exceptionally high cover limits, giving you access to state-of-the-art treatment options.

Hospital CashPlus
Health Insurance

Dispenses daily cash payouts so you can focus on getting your health back on track.

Home Insurance

Designed to meet your needs for contents insurance, building insurance or both. We offer personal liability protection to cover for injury on your property or property damage caused by you.

All Risks

Safeguards your physical and financial assets under a wide cover, including accidental loss or damage to your business assets and inventory. 

Fire & Perils

Offers a basic and affordable cover for your building and contents against fire and other perils.

Business Interruption

Protects your business against lost income when operations are affected by major risks such as fire, explosion, water damage and natural disasters. Suitable for SMEs.


Secures your business against financial loss in the event of a burglary or attempted burglary. Ideal for businesses that hold stocks or deal with specialised goods and equipment.


Protects businesses from loss of cash in transit or whilst kept on premises, including cheques and vouchers. Suitable for retail shops, restaurants and supermarkets which handle high volumes of cash.

Plate Glass

Takes care of the accidental breakage of glass plates and fittings at the business premises. Suitable for retail shops, showrooms, and offices and buildings with glass panels and structures.

Commercial Vehicle

Protects all vehicle types, from small vans to prime movers of up to 100 tonnes. Options to cover the vehicles you own, lease or rent. Cover extends to vehicles travelling to West Malaysia.

Marine Cargo

Protects your cargo shipments against accidental loss or damage during transit by land, sea or air. Suitable for importers, exporters, manufacturers, commodities traders and freight forwarders.

Contractors' All Risks

Designed for developers, principals and contractors to better manage complex indemnity and contractual exposures.

Erection All Risks

Protects manufacturer, contractor or employer from any mishaps that might occur during the erection, testing and commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment.

Professional Indemnity

Insures professional practices from third party claims and disputes.

Executive & Management Liability

Addresses liability risks and protects the interests of directors and senior executives of private and unlisted companies, including SMEs.

Association Liability

Combines the benefits of professional indemnity and management liability specifically for charities, religious organisations, clubs and other not-for-profit entities.

Cyber Liability & Data Protection

Protects businesses from loss of data and other IT-related threats.

Public Liability

Protects businesses from claims of damage or bodily injury caused by their work or employees’ activities.

Work Injury Compensation

Covers your liability as an employer under the Work Injury Compensation Act and any legal liability arising from claims by your employees at Common Law. All legal costs and expenses incurred with our consent are also covered.

Group Personal Accident

Give your employees 24-hour protection against accidents anywhere in the world.

Group Healthcare

Keeps your employees' health in good hands with coverage for medical expenses if they are hospitalised.

Business Plus

A comprehensive and flexible package for SMEs. Suitable for Office, Service, Retail and Food & Beverage businesses.

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Customer testimonials

Big thanks to tele officers Benazir and Nikita for their friendly and prompt car insurance renewal. Especially to Nikita who managed to rush the policy to me just in time. Much appreciated service!
Many thanks to Rosalind Wong, Senior Executive for Claims for handling my case. She has great sensitivity with regards to my recent bereavement. Rosalind has a pleasant personality and good communication skills. I really appreciate the efficiency and flexibility that she has exercised to help settle my claims. 
When my luggage and ring were damaged, I sent in a claims request and it was settled. I was sceptical at first about submitting claims for such issues but MSIG actually took time to help me with it. I shall be renewing my annual travel insurance. Years ago, my claims for misconnected flight and delay were also attended to. Thank you to the officer, Ms Angie.
I just received my claims for delayed baggage. Extremely efficient and helpful customer service. I trust MSIG with my long haul flights.
I am most impressed by MSIG's efficiency and exceptional customer service. It took less than 24 hours to process my request. I am very appreciative, thank you. It is because of the outstanding service and plans that MSIG provides that I have been strongly recommending it to people around me.
A claim settlement completed in 7 days flat. Incredible and thoroughly professional job, guys! Keep up the good work!
Received acknowledgement to reassure me that my claims are being processed. Your staff, Jingyi, is sincere and lends a human touch. No wonder MSIG won the Insurer Claims Award!
The entire claims process was fast and easy. I am truly impressed. My case was handled by Valerie Koo and her service is top notched.
MSIG reimbursed all my medical expenses when I returned back to Singapore. The claims team was communicative and responsive. I will continue to be on their annual plan. Highly recommended.


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