MSIG Biodiversity Trail

Protecting Biodiversity for a Sustainable Future

MSIG Biodiversity Trail
How the Trail Works

To start exploring the MSIG Biodiversity Trail at Singapore Botanic Gardens, simply download the free District Race app.

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Embark on this adventure at your own pace

You may explore the trail however you like! Plan your route and choose checkpoints and challenges to clear within a time limit of 60 minutes per session.

Test your speed, dexterity and knowledge on biodiversity during the trail as you take on 4 types of interactive activities:




Discovery Challenge


Time Trial Challenge


AR Scan Challenge

Each activity yields a different number of points

  • Checkpoint scores range from 100 to 400
  • Challenge scores begin at 500

You may track your ranking on the live leaderboard during the trail.

Curated Trail by WWF Singapore

Join any of the 5 trail sessions and enjoy a specially curated biodiversity experience facilitated by WWF‑Singapore. There will be marshals on‑site to help you along the way, and you will even receive an event certificate after completing the trail!

Registration is required for the Curated Trail by WWF‑Singapore. Admission is free, on a first‑come‑first‑served basis, and is limited to 100 participants per session.

Register now to avoid disappointment!

Curated Trail schedule Register here
17 Aug 2019, Sat, 9am ‑ 11.30am
31 Aug 2019, Sat, 9am ‑ 11.30am
21 Sep 2019, Sat, 9am ‑ 11.30am

12 Oct 2019, Sat, 9am ‑ 11.30am

23 Nov 2019, Thu, 9am ‑ 11.30am

Challenge yourself in this 60‑minute biodiversity trail and win prizes!

You may visit the trail as many times as you’d like to unlock the following rewards:


Biodiversity Protector

Collect 3000 points to unlock the Biodiversity Protector badge! You will be entitled to an exclusive discount off MSIG’s TravelEasy single trip plan. Check your mailbox for the promo code! T&Cs apply.


Biodiversity Champion

Clear 20 checkpoints and challenges to unlock the Biodiversity Champion badge! Be the Top 20 scorers of the Grid as at 31 January 2020 and win limited edition MSIG Biodiversity T-shirt.

By participating in the trail, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.



Download the MSIG Biodiversity Trail e‑guide before you embark your adventure. The e‑guide has everything you need to know to get started!



Questions & Answers


What is the MSIG Biodiversity Trail about?

It is an educational trail within the Singapore Botanic Gardens that is accessed via the District Race mobile app. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity and to encourage people to connect back to nature.


When can I do the trail?

The trail is available to the public until 31 January 2020. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is open between 5am to 12am daily and admission is free (except for the National Orchid Garden). We recommend that you participate during daytime, between 7am to 7pm.


How do I get started?

Start by downloading the District Race app and sign up with your email address or Facebook account. You may then start on the MSIG Biodiversity Trail to explore the Singapore Botanic Gardens for free!


Can anyone take part in the MSIG Biodiversity Trail?

Yes. The trail is open to people of all ages! Participate as an individual, as a family or with a group of friends. Please note that children under the age of 12 should preferably be accompanied by an adult.


I don’t have 3G/4G network, can I still do the MSIG Biodiversity Trail?

Unfortunately, you need a stable internet connection for the app to function properly and accurately to locate the trail checkpoints.


How do I earn more points?

Simply locate and head to more checkpoints; complete the challenges by answering the questions correctly!


What happens if I can’t complete all the checkpoints and challenges in the trail?

You will be awarded points based on the checkpoints and challenges you have completed. You can visit the trail again to complete what you have missed. New checkpoints and challenges will be available on 1 October and 1 December 2019.


The app crashes or doesn’t work, what do I do?

Please try to restart the app or your device. If the app still freezes, close the app and open Google Play Store or Apple Store. Under ‘My Apps’, check for any updates for the app.

Contact District at https:// if the problem still persists.


Can I use a motorised vehicle in the trail? 

No. Please adhere to the park rules and regulations.


Can I organise my own trail event?

Yes you can! Please refer to and be familiar with the park rules and regulations before your event.