Commercial Insurance

Keep the pulse of your livelihood secure

Whatever the size, every business is more intricate than it seems, and so are its needs. Our deep understanding of this is precisely how we can give your business just the right protection, every step of the way.


From your premises to the machinery and assets within, leave nothing uncovered.

All Risks

Safeguards your physical and financial assets under a wide cover, including accidental loss or damage to your business assets and inventory. 

Fire & Perils

Offers a basic and affordable cover for your building and contents against fire and other perils.

Business Interruption

Protects your business against lost income when operations are affected by major risks such as fire, explosion, water damage and natural disasters. Suitable for SMEs.


Secures your business against financial loss in the event of a burglary or attempted burglary. Ideal for businesses that hold stocks or deal with specialised goods and equipment.


Protects businesses from loss of cash in transit or whilst kept on premises, including cheques and vouchers. Suitable for retail shops, restaurants and supermarkets which handle high volumes of cash.

Plate Glass

Takes care of the accidental breakage of glass plates and fittings at the business premises. Suitable for retail shops, showrooms, and offices and buildings with glass panels and structures.


Keep your business going by protecting your company vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle

Protects all vehicle types, from small vans to prime movers of up to 100 tonnes. Options to cover the vehicles you own, lease or rent. Cover extends to vehicles travelling to West Malaysia.


Get comprehensive protection for cargo in transit.

Marine Cargo

Protects your cargo shipments against accidental loss or damage during transit by land, sea or air. Suitable for importers, exporters, manufacturers, commodities traders and freight forwarders.

Construction & Engineering

Get comprehensive coverage from all manner of construction and engineering-related claims.

Contractors' All Risks

Designed for developers, principals and contractors to better manage complex indemnity and contractual exposures.

Erection All Risks

Protects manufacturer, contractor or employer from any mishaps that might occur during the erection, testing and commissioning of machinery, plant and equipment.

Financial Lines

Protect yourself and your business against professional liabilities and cyber-risks.

Professional Indemnity

Insures professional practices from third party claims and disputes.

IT Liability

Our IT liability insurance combines professional indemnity with public and products liability specifically designed for IT professionals.

Management Liability

Our management liability insurance addresses liability risks and protects the interests of employees, directors or officers of a private company.

Directors & Officers Liability

Safeguard directors and officers from third party claims and disputes.

Association Liability

Combines the benefits of professional indemnity and management liability specifically for charities, religious organisations, clubs and other not-for-profit entities.

Cyber Insurance and Data Protection

Protects businesses from loss of data and other IT-related threats.

Educator Liability

Specialised plan for Educational Institutions that protects the school's management company, committee, members and volunteers.


Give your business the right protection against legal liabilities caused by your operations or employees.

Public Liability

Protects businesses from claims of damage or bodily injury caused by their work or employees’ activities.

Employees' Compensation

Get protection for your employees and cover your liability as an employer.

Work Injury Compensation

Covers your liability as an employer under the Work Injury Compensation Act and any legal liability arising from claims by your employees at Common Law. All legal costs and expenses incurred with our consent are also covered.

Group Insurance

Group Personal Accident

Give your employees 24-hour protection against accidents anywhere in the world.

Group Healthcare

Keeps your employees' health in good hands with coverage for medical expenses if they are hospitalised.

Business Packages

Cover your business against a variety of risks and liabilities.


A comprehensive and flexible package for small and medium-sized businesses. Suitable for Office, Service, Retail and Food & Beverage businesses.