Payment options

For greater convenience, make payments for your insurance policies with PayNow. More payment options will be coming your way! 


Step 1: Launch payment link
  • Start by clicking  PayNow 

Step 2: Start payment journey
  • Please read the Fraud Awareness message before making payment.
  • Click “Proceed”.
Please complete the compulsory fields to make payment via PayNow.
Step 3: Fill in your details
  • Please complete the following details:
    1. Amount (SGD)
    2. Policy Number (between 8-25 characters)
    3. Policyholder’s Name:
      • as per NRIC/Passport for personal insurance
      • Company's Name for commercial insurance
    4. Payer’s Name
    5. Payer’s Contact Number
  • Click “Submit”.
Please complete the compulsory fields to make payment via PayNow.
Step 4: Confirm your details
  • If your details are correct, click on the PayNow icon to proceed with payment. 
  • If you need to edit your details, click on "Back" located on the top left corner and make amendments. 
Confirm your details before proceeding to pay for your MSIG policies through PayNow.
Step 5: Scan QR code via your banking app
*If you are using your mobile device to complete your details, you may tap the QR code and save the image into your device's photo album and upload it to your banking app for payment. 
Scan this PayNow QR code in your preferred banking app for payment.
Step 6: Check your payment status
  • Upon successful payment on your banking app, a confirmation screen will appear on this payment platform. 
  • You may close this payment platform once the "Payment Successful" confirmation screen appears.
  • If the status is "Pending", please allow some time for the payment platform to refresh itself automatically. 


Should you have any queries or concerns, please email or contact our Customer Service here

Confirmation screen upon successful payment via PayNow.