Enhanced HomePlus®

Enhanced Home<i>Plus</i><sup>®</sup>

Product Description

Enhanced HomePlus protects everything that makes your home dear to you. Get ultimate peace of mind with up to $270,000 in coverage for home contents and renovation.

Key features

  • Up to $270,000* coverage for renovations, movable household items and personal belongings
  • Up to $1,000,000 in Worldwide Personal Legal Liability
  • Optional cover for your building for all‑round protection of your home and its contents

Plan highlights

Alternative Accommodation/Loss of Rent
Worried about accommodation if your home is damaged? Enhanced HomePlus takes care of your temporary accommodation costs, emergency cash, conservancy charges and even loss of rent.

Accidental Death of Domestic Pet
We cover the loss of your furry friend in the event of a home accident.

Additional Benefits
Our quality home coverage extends to accidental breakage of mirrors and glass at home, deterioration of frozen food, monthly service and conservancy fees and fraud by your domestic helpers.
*Cover and limits based on Ultimate Plan.

simple to buy
Simple to Buy

Purchase this property insurance plan online from the comfort of your home.

24/7 Helpline
24/7 Helpline

We offer you round‑the‑clock support for home emergencies, electrician and plumber referrals, and even locksmith assistance.

Claims Made Easy
Claims Made Easy

Save time by submitting your property or liability insurance claim online! We keep our process as simple as possible to bring your claim to a fair settlement.


Plan details

Basic Cover
COVERAGE Sum Insured (up to)
Standard Plan Superior Plan Ultimate Plan



Home Contents

Household contents and personal belongings*

$50,000 $80,000 $120,000


Improvements and additions to your Home not forming part of the Building

$75,000 $115,000 $150,000
Physical loss or damage to your Home Contents and Renovations caused by fire, lightning, domestic explosion, windstorm, flood, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, pipes, earthquake, volcanic eruption, aircraft, impact by land vehicles, riot, civil commotion, malicious acts, theft or burglary in your home**      


$125,000 $195,000 $270,000



Worldwide Personal Liability

Personal legal liability for you and your family including liability as a tenant for up to $500,000

$1,000,000 in the aggregate

Property Owner’s Liability

Legal liability arising from your ownership of the Building provided cover for the Building is taken up



Worldwide Accident Protection

Covers you, your spouse or your child(ren) in the event of death by accident

$20,000 per adult
$10,000 per child
$50,000 in the aggregate
$30,000 per adult
$15,000 per child
$75,000 in the aggregate
$30,000 per adult
$15,000 per child
$75,000 in the aggregate

Hospital Cash Benefit

Daily cash benefit due to hospitalisation as a result of an Injury to you, your spouse or your child(ren) – Up to 90 days

$50 per day per person $75 per day per person $75 per day per person



Emergency Home Assist

Access to 24‑hour MSIG Assist helpline for assistance in Singapore:

  • Telephone medical advice
  • Private medical transportation
  • Plumber referral
  • Electrician referral
  • Locksmith assistance
Additional benefits

Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent

Cost of reasonable alternative accommodation, or rent which continues to be payable by you or rent payable to you while your home remains uninhabitable

Up to 10% of the Sum Insured under Home Contents and Renovations

Removal of Debris

Cost incurred for removal of debris following damage to items covered under Home Contents and Renovations

Up to 5% of the Sum Insured under Home Contents and Renovations

Cost of Temporary Protection

Cost of temporary boarding up or protection pending repairs or replacement following damage to items covered under Home Contents and Renovations

$1,500 $2,000 $2,000

Replacement of Locks/Keys

Cost of replacing locks and keys to external doors

$500 $750 $750

Accidental Death of Domestic Pet

Death by accident of your domestic dog or cat in your home

$500 $750 $750

Loss of Money

Loss of personal money due to burglary in your home

$500 $750 $750

Emergency Cash Allowance

Pays for the purchase of essential clothing or personal effects in the event your home is uninhabitable due to a loss or damage for 5 days or more

$500 $750 $750

Fraudulent Use of Credit/ATM cards

Monetary loss due to unauthorised use of credit cards or ATM cards taken from your home by third parties

$500 $750 $750

Contents Temporarily Removed

Loss or damage to contents temporarily removed from your home to any residential building or hotel in Singapore for up to 14 days, subject to $500 for any one item

$7,500 $12,000 $15,000

Accidental Breakage of Fixed Mirrors and Glass

$1,000 $1,500 $1,500

Deterioration of Frozen Food

Cost to replace deteriorated frozen food in the deep freezer of your refrigerator of less than 5 years old due to failure of the freezer

$500 $750 $750

Damage to Security Systems

Damage as a result of theft or any attempted theft

$500 $750 $750

Conservancy Charges

Pays your monthly service and conservancy charges in the event your home is uninhabitable following loss or damage

$500 $750 $750

Fraud or Dishonesty of Domestic Servants

Monetary loss suffered due to fraud or dishonesty of your domestic servants living in your home

Not Covered $500 $500

Fire Extinguishment Expenses

Cost of replenishment of fire fighting appliances in your home

$2,000 $3,000 $3,000
Optional cover


Physical loss or damage to your residential Building caused by fire, lightning, domestic explosion, windstorm, flood, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, pipes, earthquake, volcanic eruption, aircraft, impact by land vehicles, riot, strike, civil commotion, malicious acts, theft or burglary into your home**

Sum Insured shall reflect the cost of reinstatement of the house, apartment or flat, including walls, gates, fences, footpath, swimming pool, patios, terraces, driveways, permanent fixtures and fittings at the insured address, but excludes foundations and drains.
Additional benefits for Optional Cover

Building Fees and Cost

Professional fees of Architects, Surveyors and Engineers, clearing and shoring up cost

Covered under Building Sum Insured

Property Owner’s Liability

Your legal liability to third parties by reason of your ownership of the Building

In the aggregate with Worldwide Personal Liability

*We will not pay for more than 30% of the Sum Insured on Contents in respect of Valuables, or more than 5% of the Sum Insured on Contents for any one article (except furniture, personal computers, audio and video equipment, pianos or organs) or $6,000 whichever is the lower.

**An excess of $100 applies to damage due to hurricane, cyclone, typhoon, windstorm, flood, water discharged, overflowing or leaking from pipes, water systems, roofs, roof guttering and down pipes.

Annual Premium (including 7% GST) Standard Plan Superior Plan Ultimate Plan


$118.77 $176.55 $233.26

Optional Cover


$4.28 per $10,000 Sum Insured
(Minimum $50,000)

Additional Cover - Applicable to Ultimate Plan Only


$16.05 per $10,000 Sum Insured
(Minimum $10,000)


$4.28 per $10,000 Sum Insured
(Minimum $10,000)
Home Contents
No. Questions & Answers

Why do I need Enhanced HomePlus insurance when my home is already insured under the mortgage fire insurance with my bank?

The cover under your mortgage fire insurance usually relates to the building structure, permanent fixtures and fittings (in connection with your home loan with the bank). Your household contents, personal belongings, improvements and additions to your home, may not be covered under the mortgage fire insurance.


Are there unique features offered by Enhanced HomePlus insurance?

Enhanced HomePlus covers a wide range of risks from fire, weather-related losses or damage to break-in to the home, personal legal liabilities and many more. Certain unique features are benefits like payment of monthly service and conservancy charges that are still payable after the home is uninhabitable after a loss, and dishonesty or fraudulent acts of your domestic servants, to name a few.


What is the definition of "Contents"?

"Contents" refers to household goods and personal effects belonging to you and members of your household including your domestic servant e.g. furniture, furnishings, home appliances, personal computers, books, toys, clothing and other personal belongings including Valuables.


What are "Valuables" and how much are they covered for?

"Valuables" refers to jewellery, watches, furs, curios, works of art, antiques, stamps and coin collections and other collectable property, manuscripts, medals, items of gold, silver or other precious metals or precious stones kept in the home. Each article or item is covered up to 5% of the Sum Insured on Contents and an overall limit of up to 30% of the Sum Insured on Contents, e.g. Contents under the Superior Plan is $80,000; the limit per article is $4,000 and the maximum limit for all Valuables shall not exceed $24,000.


How do I compute the sum to be insured?

The Sum Insured should represent the full value of your home renovations, household contents and personal effects belonging to you and members of your household including any domestic servants living in your home at current day values.


Do I need to provide a detailed listing of the contents to be insured?

You do not need to do so. There are, however, specific limits applicable – refer to answer for FAQ 4 above. Where an article is part of a pair or set, suite, group or collection of articles of similar pattern, colour or design, it will be regarded as an article on its own without reference to the special value that such article bears to the pair or set, suite, colour, pattern or design. The specified limits do not apply to furniture, personal computers, audio and video equipment, pianos or organs.


What is the sum I can recover after a loss?

Payment is based on the cost of repairs in the case of partial damage or replacement as new for property totally lost or destroyed. The Sum Insured for Contents and Renovations must represent the full value as new at the time of the loss or damage; otherwise, a deduction will be made for any wear and tear or depreciation.


How does Enhanced HomePlus cover me if I am a tenant of a rental home?

You will be covered for all the benefits outlined in the Benefit table including legal liability arising out of a negligent act for loss or damage to the Contents, fixtures and fittings where these do not belong to you but are under your responsibility and the rented residential Building while under your occupation. Normal wear and tear will not be covered.


What are the policy exclusions?

The key exclusions are radioactive contamination, war, terrorism, political risks, deliberate or malicious acts of the Insured or members of the Insured’s household. The full details of the exclusions are contained in the policy document.

No. Questions & Answers

Why do I need to buy Building cover for my home?

It is important to insure your residential building to safeguard against the financial strain as a result of any loss or damage to the property caused by fire, water damage, theft or burglary and other incidents. Cover can be arranged under the optional “Building” section of the Enhanced HomePlus insurance at a very affordable premium of $4.28 (includes GST) per annum for every $10,000 Sum Insured.


Do I need Building cover for my condominium apartment when the Management Corporation has in place fire insurance for my property?

If your condominium apartment is a Strata Title property, the Management Corporation is required to effect fire insurance for the structure of the building(s) and the common areas. You may want to take up separate building cover for the improvement and renovations done to your home such as flooring, walls and doors.


What is the definition of "Building"?

"Building" refers to the physical structure of the house, apartment or flat (excluding foundations and drains) and includes walls, gates, fence, footpath, swimming pool, patios, terraces, driveways; and all other permanent fixtures and fittings which were originally part of the building when it was transferred by the developer or builder to the first owner.


How do I determine the sum to be insured for my Building?

The Sum Insured should represent the cost of rebuilding or reinstating the building as new at the time of the loss or damage. This excludes foundations, drains and the value of the land.

Please review the Sum Insured regularly to take into account the increased cost of construction and general inflation. The General Insurance Association of Singapore provides information on general insurance for consumers at www.gia.org.sg. You may refer to their FAQ as a guide to determine the replacement cost for your building. It is advisable that you engage the services of a qualified property valuer or quantity surveyor, approximately every 3 years to keep abreast with the rebuilding cost at current day prices.


What happens if my Sum Insured is insufficient?

You will not receive full compensation for your loss or damage where the insured amount is less than 80% of the full rebuilding cost at the time of the loss or damage. The amount payable will be proportionately reduced by the sum of the under-insurance to the full replacement cost. See illustration below:

  1. Sum Insured for Building $750,000
  2. Cost to replace/reinstate Building $1,000,000
  3. Percentage of under-insurance 25%
  4. Cost of repair/rebuild damage $200,000
  5. Claim amount $200,000
  6. Enhanced HomePlus pays $150,000 (75%)
  7. You bear $50,000 (25%)

What can I do if I wish to increase my Building Sum following extensive additions or upgrading or re-valuation of my building?

Please contact us to update the Sum Insured as soon as possible. The premium for the additional Sum Insured will be pro-rated from the date of increase to the expiry of the policy period. This is subject to a minimum premium of $10 for mid-term increase to endorse your policy.


Are there any other exclusions besides those mentioned in answer 9 under the Home Contents FAQ?

Exclusions applicable to Home Contents apply to Building cover as well. Please refer to the policy for the full details of the exclusions.

Important Notice & Disclaimers

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us here or visit GIA or SDIC.

  Enhanced HomePlus Home Insurance

Home Contents & Renovation

$270,000 Sum as proposed

Building Structure

Sum as proposed Sum as proposed

Alternative Accommodation or Loss of Rent

10% of Home Contents & Renovations insured

10% of Sum insured for Home Contents

Removal of Debris

5% of Home Contents & Renovations insured


Worldwide Personal Liability as owner

$1 million

$1 million

Special Possessions

- Sum as proposed subject to $2,500 per article

Workmen Injury Compensation for Domestic Servants

- Sum as assessed by WICA

Hospital Cash Benefit

$75 per day per person (up to 90 days) -

*Cover is based on highest plan.

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