The Ultimate Travel Guide for Pop Culture Fans

The Ultimate Travel Guide for Pop Culture Fans

In this day and age, sightseeing has taken on new and interesting forms - one of which is the pilgrimage to visit film and TV shooting locations worldwide.

The latest in this rising trend is the staircase from box office hit Joker, where the titular villain performed his iconic dance. Now, tourists from all over are making their way to this new attraction in New York, transforming this once mundane location into a crowded Instagram hot spot.

If you're a pop-culture vulture looking to make your next holiday a unique one, start making plans to visit one of these locations, according to your fandom!

1. The Dark Knight Rises: United States of America

The Joker Stairs may be a touchy issue for New Yorkers in the Bronx, who have expressed mixed feelings about the spike in visitorship. Thankfully, DC fans can always check out this alternative location nearby, without disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood.

Embark on a New York location tour of the various locations featured in the critically acclaimed Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises. It's an incredibly fun and immersive way of picking up surprising trivia about the settings of your favourite scenes. For example, did you know that the entrance of Wayne Enterprises is actually Trump Tower? You'll also discover that the JP Morgan building at Wall Street was transformed into the Gotham City Stock Exchange where Bane launched a memorable attack.

2. Lord of the Rings: New Zealand

Heard of "Tolkien tourism"? This phenomenon of Lord of the Rings fans travelling to places of significance in the fantasy book and film series has its own name - it's even contributed to a huge rise in New Zealand's tourism numbers. With a new TV series adaptation of it in the works, now's a great time to revisit the wonderous universe of Middle Earth.

Daily tours are organized to take you through instantly recognizable locations such as the Shire, home of the hobbits. It also offers opportunities to explore nature as you visit Kaitoke Regional Park, an enchantingly gorgeous locale featured in the films.

Plus, get a closer look at the magic of it all with the Weta Cave Workshop Tour, where you discover the processes, props and creativity behind the films. Feeling more adventurous? Hop on a helicopter for a tour with a bird's eye view of vast, stunning New Zealand landscapes featured in the films, such as River Anduin and the Southern Lakes.

3. Marvel's Black Panther: South Korea

Most people think about Seoul when they talk about South Korea, so it may come as a surprise to know that one of Marvel's biggest hits filmed some of its scenes in the city of Busan!

Drop by Jagalchi Fish Market, Korea's biggest seafood market, for some fresh finds - and soak up the atmosphere of the starting point of one of Black Panther's exciting car chase sequence, where T'Challa's car crashed into a poor vendor's stall, with squids flying everywhere.

Let's not forget that jaw-dropping slo-mo explosion on Gwangan Bridge, stretching over 7.4km and brilliantly illuminated by thousands of colourful LED lights. Cruise along it on a leisurely drive at night for the optimal experience.

4. Game of Thrones: Croatia

Arguably one of the most successful TV series in history, Game of Thrones finally ended with its last season this year. The massive scale and budget of this HBO masterpiece allowed for scenes to be filmed in a wide range of exotic places from Iceland to Spain where numerous locations were used.

But the ultimate must-visit for fans is Croatian cities, Dubrovnik and Sibenik. Paved with limestone and surrounded by towering stone walls, they offer the picture-perfect setting for many key scenes in Games of Thrones. This includes the intense Battle of the Blackwater, Queen Cersei's buzzworthy walk of shame and the mysterious land of Braavos. Dubrovnik is even the location of the Red Keep, home of the Iron Throne!

Visiting the filming location for your favourite movie of TV show is a great way to add some excitement and glamour to your holiday. But don't forget to give yourself protection that's fit for the stars with TravelEasy®.

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