5 Ways To Manage Your New Maid

5 Ways To Manage Your New Maid

Managing a new domestic helper can be a daunting experience. Imagine how your new helper is feeling about coming to stay and work for a family she has never met. Here are 5 ways to help ease the newest member of your household.

Help her settle in

Familiarise your helper with her new environment. Show and explain to her about your home; this includes where the things are placed and how your household electrical appliances work so she can operate them. Bring her around your neighbourhood as well – take her to the supermarket or grocery store and show her where to purchase what you normally would so she can do her job more effectively.

Set clear expectations

Every household is different so it’s best to be upfront and clear with her about what you can and cannot tolerate. For a start, plan out a daily schedule for your helper so she can refer to as guidelines. Nonetheless, be prepared to make adjustments once everyone settles in. If she does a certain chore in a way you’re uncomfortable with, be frank and tell her how you would want things to be done.

Be considerate

If she’s new to the country, let her call her family back home and set them at ease. This would then help her focus on her work. Provide her with enough food, sleep and rest in between chores so that she is healthy and would be able to perform her tasks well. If you need to contact her at anytime, consider providing her with a mobile phone. However, be firm and establish clear rules about her mobile phone usage during working hours.

Reward her

Give your helper consistent feedback – whether she needs to improve or if she’s doing a good job. She would be more motivated to work hard if she understands that you are happy with her work. Rewards could come in various forms such as buying her favourite food, giving her a small amount of cash or an extra day off.

Communicate effectively

If English is not her first language, be prepared to discuss things or give instructions repeatedly. Be patient with her and avoid getting frustrated. You could even get her an English book or a dictionary to help her learn the language during her free time.


While orienting your new helper is important, it’s also important to protect her health and well-being with insurance. Our MaidPlus policy ensures coverage that has her welfare at heart and your peace of mind.