How Much Is A Maid's Salary in Singapore?

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There are tons of reasons to hire a maid in Singapore. Whether you are looking for an extra pair of hands to help you with your household chores or to take care of your children or your aged parents, it pays to be aware of all the costs upfront.

Hiring a maid in Singapore comes with its own set of responsibilities. To start the process of hiring, you need to consider if you want to do it yourself or use a maid agency, understand the statutory requirements and factor in the bulk of the financial cost - the Foreign Domestic Worker’s (FDW) salary. The minimum domestic helper salary in Singapore can range from $450 to $500, excluding maid levy. Here’s a quick guide on salary rates for maids from different nationalities to help you manage your monthly expenses.

What is the average monthly salary of a maid in Singapore?

The thought of having to do house chores when you get home from work after a long day won't bother you when you hire a maid. Singapore maids or FDWs can do so much for busy parents. You have a choice of hiring a maid from agency or directly. Either way, the salary is one of the factors you should prepare for. But, how much exactly should you be paying your FDW? Well, the average salary depends on some factors such as the helper's nationality and years of experience.

In a recent survey conducted by a global market research firm showed that Singaporeans choose to pay their domestic helpers about $600 or more a month, which is higher than the minimum salary. While less than half of the Singaporeans who took the survey chose to stick to the minimum wage. Below is a table showing the minimum monthly salary for FDWs of different nationalities:


Monthly Salary of Maid in Singapore (Minimum wage)





Sri Lanka







The figures shown above only represent the minimum wage of a maid based on their country of origin. While younger and inexperienced FDWs from maid agencies will most likely accept the given minimum salary rate, older and more experienced maids in Singapore, especially if they've worked in the country for years, would expect higher salaries. Besides the mentioned countries above, you can also hire foreign domestic workers (FDWs) from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Macau.

During the interview, ask your potential helper if they've worked as a maid before and for how long. This will help you decide on a fair salary rate for them. It is also important to note that your helper should be 23 to 50 years old during her application. For those aged 50 and above, their work permits can only be renewed until they reach 60 years old.

Filipino Maid Salary

In 2012, Filipino maids’ salary in Singapore used to be $500, but due to a "fluctuation in the exchange rate", the Philippine Embassy requested an increase in the minimum wage for the maids. The request was then granted in 2017, giving a raise to the salary from $500 to $570. Imagine how much this increase in the minimum salary has attracted more Filipino workers to work in Singapore as domestic helpers.

If you're looking for a foreign domestic worker who possesses a good command of English, Filipino maids may be more suitable. These FDWs are usually deployed as nannies who care for young children, older members of the family, or a family member who is sick. Since they are more proficient in the language, their salaries tend to be higher than maids from other countries. The minimum monthly salary rate for Filipino maids is $570. Filipino maids who have worked for Singaporean families for years can have their salaries start as high as $700. These maids may have worked for Singaporean families for many years.

Indonesian Maid Salary

Back in 2014, the salary for Indonesian maids used to be $450 until the Indonesian Embassy raised the minimum wage to $500. After two years, the salary was increased to $550. Even though there is an increase in the minimum monthly wage, it is only applicable to newly hired maids that came to Singapore after the increase in monthly salary took effect.

Indonesian maids are known to be one of the best caregivers for the elderlies. If you are looking for an FDW who can do the cleaning around the house as well as look after your parents, grandparents or a sick family member, Indonesian maids are your best choice. Although a popular choice, the short end of the stick is their lack of fluency in English. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon that some Indonesian maids pick this up later on during their tenure and also learn to speak a platter of dialects to connect with the older generation at home. The minimum monthly rate for an Indonesian maid is $550, and if they have years of experience, the salary can range from $650 to $700.

Myanmar Maid Salary

One of the most hardworking and soft-natured maids any employer can find are those from Myanmar. Because of their pleasant personality, employers find it easy to trust them and leave them to care for their families while they go to work. However, it may be challenging to communicate with new candidates, especially in English and more effort may be needed on your part to explain things to them.

The minimum monthly salary rate for a Myanmar maid is $450, which is lower than the minimum wage for Filipino and Indonesian maids. However, if these maids choose to work on their rest day(s), they can opt for incentives or receive a higher salary of $500 per month. For the more experienced and efficient Myanmar maids, they can earn between $580 to $600 monthly in Singapore.

Factors to consider when deciding on a salary for a maid in Singapore

As a start, determine the minimum monthly salary set by the maid’s country. The minimum monthly salary also ensures that these domestic workers who chose to work miles away from their families are compensated fairly. 

Another factor you should consider is their years of experience. If you are unsure of the amount you should pay your FDW, we've prepared a simple guide on the salary rates based on a maid's years of experience.

FDW’s Years of Experience

FDW Monthly Salary


$500 to $620

2 to 5


6 and above

$700 to $850

Salary Adjustments

Similar to how workers get a pay raise every year, it is also a good practice to give your FDW an increment periodically. This will serve as a reward for her good performance and also to acknowledge her added experience. Another way to keep the loyalty of your maid is to consider giving your helper a contract gratuity when her tenure ends. This incentive can help motivate your FDW to perform better in her daily tasks.

Besides the annual increment, there are other factors that could add to your costs:

  • FDWs in Singapore are required by MOM to undergo a mandatory 6-monthly medical check-up (6ME). There may be additional charges if you want to have her tested for other diseases.
  • Renewal of your foreign domestic worker's work permit also means purchasing a new FDW insurance policy which can cost between $200 to $500. It is essential to renew your FDW's work permit on time if you want her to continue working for you. If you hire your FDW from an employment agency in Singapore, they would inform you when the WP expiration is nearing.
  • If you have no plans of renewing your FDW's work permit and the contract has ended, you are responsible for sending her back home. This can mean additional expenses as you will be paying for her air ticket home. Your employment agency can help you with arranging this.

The stress we experience every day at work makes it difficult for us to cope with the tasks we need to do at home. These tasks include taking care of the kids and managing all the house chores. Isn't hiring a helper a good thing, especially if you get burned out after all the tiring work you do all day?

Whether you hire an FDW through a maid agency or directly, deciding on the amount you will pay your maid and any increment highly depends on you. At the end of the day, bear in mind you need to comply with the minimum rates set by their Governments.

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